Hi! Accelerate your workflow imaging! There panel extensions to Photoshop destined for photographers and designers. Automate processing photos!

LAB panel

LAB panel designed for automatic processing of photos in LAB space.

Download – creative.adobe.com/addons

A simple and powerful tool for quick processing of pictures!  Before each use of a particular function, always make a copy of your photos. LAB

Functions within the panel:

LAB Curves 100% – translates into a space LAB photo and automatically applies the curve type: Channel: Lightness thereby making the correct image contrast and disposal greyness picture, and then converts the image back to RGB space.

LAB Curves 50% – the same effect but 50% weaker.

Apply A channel – translates photo in space LAB, then mixes Photo A channel mode softlight by 50%.

Apply B channel – translates photo in space LAB, and then mixes the photos of B channel mode softlight by 50%

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