Hi! Accelerate your workflow imaging! There panel extensions to Photoshop destined for photographers and designers. Automate processing photos!

Sale!  Infrared  Olympus-510 kit 14-45 modification Japan IR-72  for 150$ Infrared photography is the technique of capturing light not visible to the naked eye. Infrared (IR) light lies between the visible spectrum and radio waves. The look of these IR photos is distinct and can be stunning. A simple and powerful tool for quick processing…

Panel Make-UP for Photoshop CC- 2014.   12 different options for make-up face…   Download Lighting Effect- creative.adobe.com/addons             Button:  Super Skin Brush /Volume Up /Mascara yelash/ Highlighter/ Whitener/Eye Color/ Enhance Iris/ Eye rightener/ Radiance Iris/ Shadow Eye/ Sharpen Eyes/ Enhance Lip Original Retouch Work 3 min  

Panel FaceSkin for Photoshop CC- 2014. Part 1 — 12 different options for retouching skin: Basic Retouch/Matte Skin/Powder Skin/Shiny Skin/Smooth Skin/Skin Softener/Skin Brightener/Rouge/Reddening/Red Remover/Volume Color/Texture Skin Buy Face Skin — creative.adobe.com/addons  

This set of 35 Lighting  effects.   PDF guide Download Lighting Effect Demo  Buy Lighting Effect — creative.adobe.com/addons